5 Meaningful Ways to Incorporate Your Family into Your Wedding

Your bridal party might be full of the best friends you could ever wish for, but don’t forget that weddings are about families, too. There are tons of ways you can honor your families by incorporating them into your wedding day. Here are five meaningful ideas.

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Have your mom hold your bouquet during the ceremony

You know, dads do get a lot of recognition, whether they’re walking you down the aisle or twirling you for your father-daughter dance. Let your mom in on the fun and have her hold your bouquet during the ceremony. Your maid of honor will have her own flowers to clutch, so instead of handing your bouquet to her, surprise your mom and hand it to her instead! Just make sure she has some tissues ready! Another fun alternative is to surprise both your mom and mother in law with their own bouquets. 

Let your siblings hold the rings.

If your siblings didn’t make the cut for best man or maid of honor duties, why not have them hold each of your rings? Maybe your brother isn’t a groomsman—have him hang onto your new hubby’s wedding band. Or, if your soon-to-be sister in law isn’t part of your bride tribe, let her in on the wedding ceremony responsibilities by having her hold your wedding band. When the officiant asks for the rings, your siblings can bring them up from the front row.

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Have your grandparents be your marriage certificate witnesses

Many marriage licenses have space for one or two witnesses for each of you, so ask your grandparents to do the honor! What a beautiful gesture to remember your past and honor your grandparents! Have a special pen engraved for them to keep as a sweet keepsake.

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Give your in-laws a special moment to shine

The parents of the groom don’t often get recognized so make sure they are taken care of, too! Whether you give them a special gift thanking them for raising their son right (so sweet) or even let them do the honor of walking their son down the aisle, make sure they’re part of the magic, too.

Honor loved ones who have passed

Many times your favorite loved ones are no longer with you to celebrate your big day. You can still honor their memory in subtle ways. Tie your grandmother’s wedding ring around your bouquet with a ribbon. Have your husband wear his father’s favorite tie. Incorporate a special flower in your bouquet or boutonniere to remember a favorite aunt or uncle.

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Weddings are all about two families coming together. Take the time to appropriately thank and recognize your families for how much they mean to you on your big day!

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