6 Ways to Stop Stressing and Start Having Fun With Wedding Planning

If you’re already in the midst of wedding planning, you know that sometimes it can be quite stressful. Between the constant decision making and the endless to-do lists, you may feel like you’re in over your head more than once throughout the wedding process. But planning a wedding should be fun! Here are six ways to make the planning just as exciting as the main event.

Reward yourself for completing tedious tasks
Finally book your florist? Pop that bottle of bubbly! (Note: always have a spare bottle of champagne during the planning process). Or treat yourselves to your favorite take-out while putting your invites together. Having something to look forward to after not-so-exciting tasks will make them much easier to enjoy.

Focus on things you love and delegate the rest
“If picking out music stresses you out, assign it to your soon-to-be spouse,” says Leigh Pearce, owner and creative director of Leigh Pearce Events. “If you don’t know a peony from a petunia, ask your mom to tackle the flowers.” Delegating tasks that you’d rather avoid will not only make you happier but let you focus on the things you actually love doing.

Make it a date night
Instead of picking your music selection at home in your PJ’s, head to a restaurant with live music to get you in a harmonious mood. Making decisions in a happy, upbeat environment will make it easier and may even give you some inspiration.

Get your friends and family involved
If your family is involved in the planning, Leigh Pearce recommends setting a dinner to go through logistics. “Have a seating chart dinner party with your soon-to-be spouse and parents so you can knock it out in just a few hours vs. a million text messages,” she says. You can also enlist your bridesmaids to help with DIY projects during a girl’s night—just don’t forget the wine and pizza!

Turn it into a competition
Challenge your fiancé to a “stamp off” and see who can stamp the most envelopes. Or invite friends over and challenge your besties to a centerpiece-making competition. Whatever you decide to do, there are endless ways to turn the planning into a game, making it more fun for everyone involved.

Remember what it’s all about
Any bride or bride-to-be can attest to the fact that planning a wedding isn’t easy. If you start to feel frazzled, a wedding planner is always a great option. “Having someone to guide you through the whole process will leave room for way more fun,” says Pearce. But, whatever way you choose to organize, never fail to remember you’re planning the best day of your life—and it will be so worth it.

Style Me Pretty Contributor –  Jessica Tzikas is a freelance writer, editor, and content manager from South Florida, who recently moved back to the sunshine state after living in Philadelphia for the past few years. When she isn’t writing, you can find her reading by the beach, practicing yoga, and exploring nearby towns with her new husband.

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