Building Your Home Bar with Your Macy’s Registry

How to Build Your Home Bar

So you and your love are getting close to tying the knot (CONGRATS!). You’ve chosen the venue, hired a photographer, and things are starting to come together! However, there’s this daunting question of, “What should we register for?” Well, our vote is that you should definitely include items necessary for a home bar! After all, you’ll be wanting to entertain, and invite friends over to celebrate this special time in your life, right? Right! 🙂

Kate Spade Ice Bucket with floral ice cubesHow to Build Your Home BarBeer GlassesKate Spade Cocktail ShakerGold Rimmed Cocktail GlassesTo Have & To Hold Cocktail recipeTo_Have_To_Hold_recipeHow to Build Your Home BarFloradora Moscow Mule recipeFloradora Moscow Mule recipeRose Gold Wine Toppers

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