5 Mistakes Brides Make One Month Before the Wedding

You might think the last month before your wedding will be crunch time—but the last thing you should be doing is ‘crunching’ in a ton of Big Day to do’s. Instead, you should be enjoying a spa day, a date night with your soon-to-be or scouting fun things to do on your honeymoon. From last-minute beauty updates to neglecting your guests, make sure to avoid making these five mistakes in your final countdown!

Making Drastic Beauty Changes

One of the best pieces of advice I received while planning my wedding was to NOT change my look drastically. I wanted to try balayage (something I never had tried before) and one of my bridesmaids spoke up and warned me not to. I’m so glad I listened and stuck with a classic ‘me’ hair color. This goes for makeup, spray tans, hairstyles, false lashes, nail color, etc. You might think you need to make a statement for your fete—but trust me, going with your classic ‘you’ beauty practices are in your best interest. If you do want to amp your look up a bit, make sure you test it out in plenty of advance to make sure you love it.

Not Recruiting Help

Ladies, I hear you. You really want to take care of it all to make sure it goes smoothly (and exactly how YOU want). But that’s exactly how stress starts to creep in and your idea of a perfect wedding day goes out the door. You simply cannot do. it. all. And you know what? That’s OK. Put trust in your friends and family to help you where needed. That’s what your bridal party is for! They’re there to help and take the load off of you. Let go of that control (or at least a little bit of it) and you’ll find those last few weeks a whole lot more enjoyable.

Neglecting Your Guests

Your focus should definitely NOT be on every one else. However, taking the time to prep a month-out email to your wedding guests with any extra details will allow you to do exactly that. Make sure you’ve answered any potential questions that might come your way. The last thing you want is to be getting texts and calls from your guests asking where to meet for the rehearsal dinner the evening before or if there’s a shuttle to the venue. Give them more info than you think they’ll need and you’ll be able to kick back and soak in the last month before your Big Day (without any interruptions).

Not Planning a Photography Timeline

This is something your photographer should chat with you about in advance, but remember to keep in mind the flow of your wedding day and where you’ll fit in those photo planned getting ready moments, first look, portraits, etc. You might really want to attend your cocktail hour after the ceremony rather than taking photos for an hour. You might not want traditional family portraits at all! Keep these things in mind and come up with a plan before the Big Day, rather than day of.

You Forget to Make Honeymoon Arrangements

All of the focus is on your wedding day, as it should be. But if you’re leaving for your honeymoon shortly after, make sure not to forget all of the details that goes with planning your trip away. Create a packing list, make sure your fur babies have boarding booked, you’ve got a house sitter in place or neighbor to pick up your mail and water the plants, etc. It’s easy to forget these to do’s that seem impossible to neglect when you go on a regular vacation, but not surprising that it might fall by the wayside with wedding tasks on the mind.

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