8 Couples Who Prove Love Only Gets Better With Age

If you ask us, love is like a fine wine that only gets better with age and in honor of Valentine’s Day right around the corner, we’ve found eight couples who prove it. These sweethearts have spent decades by each other’s side and their stories will remind you why marriage truly matters. Cheers to love beyond the wedding day!

“Three children and six grandchildren later and we’re still together, and enjoying a life together that most folks envy, and many families only hope for. I have a funny feeling that this journey is far from over. We have so much still to see, so many places to experience, and still so very memories to share.”

Fred and Theresa, married 45 years

“Their love story began in high school – Ken says he saw Phyllis playing the piano in the school orchestra and fell in love – Phyllis says it took her awhile to be interested in him. But we know the end of the story! Fifty-seven years, two children, six grandchildren and six great-grandchildren later their love for each other is greater and stronger.”

Ken and Phyllis, married 50 years

They built a life together and fulfilled a promise to take care of each other. It is that simple and that extraordinary.”

Kate Ignatowski on her grandparents’ love story, married 66 years

“We dated for a year and a half before Harold proposed on Valentine’s Day. On our honeymoon we went to Yellowstone National Park and Harold told me that he had been saving 50 cent pieces, one at a time, so that he could take me on the trip!”

Harold and Lorraine, married 58 years

Meet Nina & Gramps: they have been married 61 years, have never taken their rings off, and remain the best of friends.”

Lauren Wells Events on her grandparents’ love story, married 61 years

“As they walked to school each day Morton carried Mary’s books for her, they were always there for each other, years later Mary became a French teacher and Morton a doctor. Mary and Morton have now been married 60 years, since that day they have scarcely spent a moment apart. “

Morton and Mary, married 60 years

“I love you for everything you’ve been through with me. You have put up with me for all of these years, and I am as lucky now as I was the day I married you.”

Larry and Caroline, married 54 years

“If I could describe what a life of happiness looks like, I would tell you the love story of my grandparents. This handsome young sailor swept my then 15-year-old grandma off her feet, they married, had three children, 6 grandchildren, and 11 great-grandchildren. They have traveled the world together, owned businesses, built homes, traveled cross country (and to Alaska) in their motorhome, and have had a blast doing it all!”

Shayna San Nicolas on her grandparents’ love story, married 61 years

P.S. Even More ‘Marriage Matters’ Stories This Way!

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