Decorating Your First Home Together with Crate and Barrel

For those moving into their first apartment or house together — congrats!! With that comes the delicate dance around what you two should keep, toss or donate, and some serious reflection about what your decorating style will be. And while you may already have some core pieces (bed + couch), you don’t know where to go from there… Are you a couple that loves the laid-back + California cool vibes? Perhaps your style is more “Modern Boho”. What about the clean lines and traditionally monochromatic palette of Scandinavian design? Or maybe you fancy a rustic farmhouse, something inspired by the French countryside? What about urban, edgy + industrial? Maybe you dig a little of all four of those design schemes (or none at all, that’s cool, too!) Well, to give you a little boost of inspiration + help the design process along, we’ve curated four inspiration collections from Crate and Barrel!

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