A Dream Cliffside Proposal = #GOALS

I’m guessing we’ve got some newly engaged readers stopping by Style Me Pretty, so if this is your first time here…consider this your congrats and welcome! We LOVE love around this corner of the Internet and today we’re sharing Tyler and Kristen’s proposal that’s sure to bring on the happy tears. Lucy Munoz captured the big moment and scroll below to read how it all went down.

From the photographer… I followed this lovely couple for a dawn to dusk session that ended with a surprise proposal. It started as a styled shoot and quickly morphed into something much bigger when Tyler called to ask me if I would be willing to photograph Kristen when he proposed to her at the end of this journey. You see, they knew one another since they were eleven and started dating their senior year of high school. Both of them met in Patterson, CA. The city is so small that they only have one middle school and one high school.

I fell in love with this couple earlier when they had shot with me about two months beforehand. To be able to capture this moment for both of them was a definite privilege. Kristen was under the assumption that she was doing another shoot with me so she really had no idea. The plan was that Tyler would say to me “this is a perfect spot,” so that I would know when he was about to propose to her. He wanted me to ask Kristen to pose looking in the opposite direction and have her stay there while he got down on one knee right behind her. Usually we don’t get to see that unfold (the guy getting down on one knee until the girl is already facing him, but in this case Kristen didn’t move because she thought I was photographing her). I walked a couple of yards away so that they could have that moment just between the two of them- privately.

I put the camera up to my face and then quickly put the camera back down. I remember Tyler looking over at me puzzled (because there he was ready to propose and I had stopped). As a photographer I have to separate emotions at times in order to make sure I’m getting the correct composition, exposure, etc. There is a different experience when I have a camera in my face versus when I’m witnessing something with intention. I put my hand to my heart to let him know that this moment was a pure blessing to witness. I knew that they would forever be changed as the were now beginning a different part of their life–their journey. Here we were standing on Montana De Oro, and symbolically this “gold mountain” would forever be a part of their history.

Tyler said he called her, but she wouldn’t turn around because I had told her to hold the pose. He kept calling her, and finally she turned around.

And the rest? Well, as they say, a picture is worth a thousand words…

Tyler and Kristen may that feeling never ever leave you.

Photography: Lucy Munoz

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